Autonomous Driving - Not Happening Any Time Soon

Watch this video which I recorded two years ago while travelling in Madagascar:

If it looks crazy, that’s because it is.


Making a Christmas Pyramid

Every now and then, I work on a project that doesn’t involve any electronics. A recent trip to the German Ore Mountains (“Erzgebirge”) inspired me to make a Christmas pyramid myself:

The finished pyramid


Laser-Cutting Custom Fidget Spinners

The fidget spinner trend is pretty much over, as can be easily seen by the fact that they can now be bought virtually everywhere for as little as €1. At the time everybody was still talking about them, I thought, why not design and build my own? I guess I just wanted to find a reason to use Formulor, a service which lets you order custom laser-cut materials, in this case acrylic glass, by uploading a simple Illustrator file. Read more...