About Me


My name is Oliver (Xing, Web, Facebook, Github) and I live in Berlin, Germany. I have a MSc Computer Science from Simon Fraser University in Canada. I may be available for part-time freelance projects in Berlin or remote.

I probably won’t be able to list all of my skills here but here’s an excerpt: founder of a profitable and growing startupproject manager / team lead, web development (PHP/JS/HTML/CSS), d3.js, Java, GolangClojure, Python, MySQL, mongoDB, Oracle and much more. I’ve been in the airline industry for more than a decade developing large software systems for major airlines. I’m a musician and have toured full-time for a few years when I also published a number of albums (which I partly produced myself). I was in 3D animation and worked as a graphic designer for a couple of years. My MSc was in Human-Computer Interaction (i.e. Usability Engineering) and Medical Computing. And that’s just my professional life. Feel free to ask for more information.