Welcome to Rent-a-Founder!

With this post, on August 17, 2010, we’re officially launching our blog “Rent-a-Founder”. Luis and I have long been talking about starting a company together. This is an attempt to document that journey and provide any insights gained along the way. The company does not exist yet. Heck, we don’t even have a business idea yet. Hence the name “Rent-a-Founder” which is an invitation to join in on the discussion and maybe even the ride itself.

At the same time, we do realize that founders can hardly be “for rent”. And we strongly intend to build a company that we’ll be part of for a long time if not for the rest of our lives. But at this point, we believe there is at least one great business idea somewhere which needs founders. We want to find it or, better even, we want it to find us.

Like most entrepreneurs, we already have a whole bunch of ideas, some of them are more than just ideas. But are they any good? Will they attract customers? Will people pay for those products? Will they allow us to build a company around them? This is what we’re here to find out. So keep reading and as always, talk to us!