Starting a Company (in Germany)

We’re at a point now with Stock Performer where we can take money for the service. If it was that easy. Sure, I could put my private PayPal account up there and risk a complete mixup with my personal purchases and Stock Performer subscriptions. And how would I deal with Luis’s part? He’d need to send me an invoice. And I would somehow do my taxes from that which I don’t even know how. (And PayPal? I’ve heard too many horror stories.)

So we need a proper merchant account. For a merchant account, we need a bank account. For a bank account, we need an official company. To register a company, we need to go to a lawyer, set up the contract (and no, the standard forms are not sufficient for what we need), set it up with a notary, and register at the German IHK. That’s costing us at least EUR 2,000. And then, we’ll be forced to do our taxes for this new company. That’s going to cost us a few hundred Euros at least a year, too. When you don’t know if you’re going to make a significant amount of money at all, that’s not so cheap. And it takes long. Aah, German bureaucracy…