The iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

It was a huge controversy when the iPhone 7 was released. Apple dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of their Lightning port. That is, their earphones now come with a Lightning jack. I usually like to give changes like this a try for a while before getting all upset, as the rest of the Internet appears to do sometimes. A few months have passed since I’ve got my iPhone 7 and my verdict is out: I don’t like it.

Two main reasons:

  • I often listen to music on the go so my earphones are usually in my jacket’s pocket. At home, any time I want to listen to something on my iPhone without disturbing anyone, I can’t use any of the multiple headphones I have lying around. Instead, I have to go get the iPhone earphones from my jacket. (Or get the adapter, which is the same effort.)
  • Sometimes, I like to play music that’s on my phone to other people. But then they can’t use their own headphones. So they have to use mine. I don’t mind but they might. I would understand if someone doesn’t want to put my earphones into their ears, as clean as they may be.

Basically, Apple doesn’t give you any options anymore. And it renders your existing headphones useless (given that you don’t want to carry around that little adapter everywhere you go). This is a clear conclusion for me: Apple acted in their own interest only, the customer’s concerns came in last here.