IATA SSIM Flight Schedule Parser

This post likely doesn’t affect most readers of this blog. But since I also write to document my work, this announcement will go here.

I implemented a new commercial software tool which can read IATA SSIM Flight Schedule files (Chapter 7). SSIM files follow a sophisticated fixed-width format and are used to describe an airline’s flight schedule over a specific period of time (usually 365 days into the future). These files are used to exchange schedule information among a large number of airline systems, some of which include:

  • Scheduling systems (the one which create the SSIM file)
  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Reservation Systems / Inventory
  • Operations
  • Crew Management
  • Revenue Management
  • and many more

The SSIM Parser will read a file and convert its contents into the format required by an airline’s software. The default implementation converts SSIM files into the widely used JSON format for which utilities are available in almost every programming language. It’s written in Golang and is therefore available on all common operating systems.

For more information and a demo where you can upload your own SSIM file and test the parser, go to the following page:

IATA SSIM Flight Schedule Parser

For more information, please get in touch.