Here is Luis

Update May 12, 2014: I’m taking Luis’s “About” page off this blog. We agreed for me to continue this blog by myself. (I’ve been writing most entries anyway.) No worries, Luis and I are still running Stock Performer together. -Oliver


I’m on this adventure too. I spent quite a few years at a big company with a solid job. But after accidentally transforming my photography hobby into a business, I realized how much fun it can be to do your own thing and see it succeed. So the times of the stable job and the big corporate company are over. Call me crazy, but I’m still young, and this is the time to combine my skills and launch my own company. This blog is going to allow me to share the experience with you. I want to engage in interesting discussions and hear your opinions. My photography business is already documented here so on this blog I’ll focus on my internet projects and similar. Right now it’s Purple Lash. Nice to meet you and hope to hear from you soon.