All You Need to Know About Oliver

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As you can see, I have black hair and brown eyes. I haven’t played much soccer in my life. Nor did I drink much beer. But I’m still German. I am and have been a hacker for about 30 years now. My M.Sc. degree in CompSci got me some fancy job titles such as project manager and product manager. During my quarter-life crisis, I quit my secure, well-paid corporate job to become a full-time musician. Yes, I rocked the stages of Germany, blowing the major label’s money while not entering the top 10 as they had na├»vely hoped. My first start-up experience I guess. I’m doing some consulting part-time now, back in the airline software business where I’ve worked before. But I’m gearing up. Because what I really want is build a company. A place where great people create great products and service. It’s been my dream all along. I’m working to make it come true.